Industrial Applications

"Industry4.0" are now commonplace at many companies in the high-tech industries.

The targeted results the “4th industrial revolution” has made a considerable contribution to advancing the consistent integration of computer systems into the entire production sequence during product development. Systems and processes will be managed, monitored, analyzed and optimized.

TaiSol's superior thermal technologies are available in deployment on the main parts of production sequence including machines communication in a IoT, network-based instrumentation, collection unmanageable amounts from various company (so-called big data) to be available as smart data. TaiSol's thermal solutions enhance the reliability of precision production facilities to be used for long and stable period.

TaiSol is expertise in the fields of equipment and system heating around industry areas. Maintaining optimum heat control is essential from electronics enclosures or cabinet.

  • Cooling Solution for industrial application
  • Power Inverter (IGBT) cooling application (Elevator, Train, Electronical Vehicle)
  • Industrial Robot
  • Control Rack Heat Exchanger